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Keep your vehicle looking its best with help from SMCS. We provide clear bra and car wrap services in Santa Monica, CA, and nearby areas.

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Clear Bra

What is Clear Bra Paint Protection?

Clear bra is an incredible addition to your car’s exterior to keep it looking as brand new as possible. It is made out of a high-quality urethane-based film material that is applied to the surface of your car’s paint to protect the most vulnerable and high-impact areas from road debris and pesky rock chips. The primary role of this clear bra is to provide superior protection for your vehicle’s finish, while also maintaining its sleek appearance. Thanks to the advancements in technology and installation techniques, clear bras have become the top choice of modern-day technicians for paint protection, as they can be applied almost invisibly and without disrupting your car’s look. To summarize, clear bra is a reliable, durable, and cost-effective solution for those who are passionate about maintaining their vehicle’s appearance and resale value.

At our company, we are dedicated to providing our valued customers with a range of superior quality vehicle customization services, including our highly sought after 3M Chrome Delete Package. When you choose this package, you can rest assured that you will receive exceptional value, as our prices are all-inclusive, covering both the cost of materials and labor. What’s more, our skilled technicians perform a complete chrome delete, ensuring that every inch of chrome on your vehicle is expertly covered. To ensure that your vehicle looks its absolute best, we allow you to choose between three different finishes: sleek, glossy black, understated satin black, or bold matte black. Whether you’re seeking to reduce glare or looking to enhance the overall aesthetic of your vehicle, our 3M Chrome Delete Package is the perfect way to achieve your desired look.

Back view of red Porsche in street
Chrome Delete

Chrome Delete for a Distinctive Look

Elevate your vehicle’s style with our professional chrome delete service. Say goodbye to the traditional chrome accents that come stock on many cars, and welcome a sleek, customized appearance that sets your ride apart. Our experts can expertly remove or conceal the chrome trim around windows, grilles, door handles, and more, seamlessly integrating the new finish with your vehicle’s aesthetics. Whether you desire a bold, all-black finish or a color-matched transformation, our chrome delete service lets you express your unique style, ensuring your car turns heads wherever you go. Experience the art of automotive customization with chrome delete from our skilled team.

Speedy Service and Easy Scheduling

They troubleshooted and fixed my broken USB connection to Android auto in under 2 hours. They did not even have to order spare parts. They just cleaned out some debris and water damage (from an interior detailing job) and now it's working perfectly. They even did a little console cleaning. Owner and the mechanic were personable.

Miyako Igari

Highly Recommend

Been going here for a while now. Have had many things done to my cars and only trust Freddie and his team to work on my car tint and stereo installation. Thanks for all the excellent customer service and always making my stuff look great.

Ellis Shaw

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Car stereo store in Santa Monica, California

We offer car audio and apple carplay installation, blind spot, backup camera and parking assistance. We have full line of car accessories and dashcam sales and installation. Authorized 3M window tint in Santa Monica. We carry all types of 3M window tint such as ceramic, crystalline & color stable. We can do chrome delete and car wrap. We carry most brand of car audio such as Pioneer, Sony, Kenwood, JL audio, Addison, Viper car alarm. Stay safe and have a Viper security systems with recording cameras on your car. 

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