How to Select a Car Navigation System

  1. Step1

    Decide how often you intend to use the system. Inexpensive systems simply plug in to your car's cigarette lighter and are small enough to store in your glove compartment, but they're not as user-friendly.  Take your car to Santa Monica Car Sound and install the latest Navigation System!

  2. Step2

    Consider the layout of your car. Some systems come with a monitor that displays a map. The monitor is commonly installed on the dashboard or on a pedestal extending from the dashboard. In some cars, such an installation may block air vents or make it somewhat uncomfortable for a passenger to enter or exit the vehicle or sit in the passenger seat.

  3. Step3

    Select a system that features multiple ways of getting to your destination. This can include by address, by intersection, by a personal address book or via a location selected directly from the map.

  4. Step4

    Look for a system that gives you vocal as well as graphical directions. The systems that use a map and monitor include arrows that show you the direction of a turn and also indicate where your car is on the map in relation to the destination. Other systems use the head unit or radio to display the name of the street on which you are to make a turn or on which you are traveling. Both of these systems also give you verbal directions as you approach a turn.

  5. Step5

    Select a system that includes point of interest data. Most GPS systems include locations of airports and other transportation services, ATMs and banks, restaurants, hotels and a host of other sites.

  6. Step6

    Choose a system that offers updates of the point-of-interest data.



Pioneer APPRADIO 2


Audio/Video/Navigation Receiver 7" WVGA With Bluetooth® HD 2-DIN

  • 7" WVGA Color Touch-Screen
  • Built-in Navigation with 3D Terrain Mapping
  • Built-in Blmpatible apps from the convenience of the larger, capacitive, multi-touch displayCompatible 
  • with iPhone® and Select Android™ Phones
    uetooth® Handsfree
  • Built-in HD Radio 
  • iPhone® 5 Compatible with CD-IH202 Cable Kit, Apple® Adapters, and Firmware Update (available now)

Alpine INE-Z928HD

Audio/Video/Navigation Receiver 8" WVGA With Bluetooth® HD 2-DIN

  • 8" WVGA Touch Screen
  • Full 4V Preouts and Rear Audio/Video USBHD Radio with iTunes® Tagging
  • Advanced Bluetooth® and PANDORA® Control for iPhone®, Android and Blackberry

           Kenwood Excelon DNX890 Hd

This Kenwood uses predictive text so you'll even save time typing in the name of your destination. You can also take advantage of smartphone connectivity that'll put most of your phone's favorite features conveniently right on the receiver's screen.